Thursday 13 June 2013

Sneak preview of "When Anorexia Came To Visit"

Would you like a sneak preview of my new book "When Anorexia Came To Visit"? While I'm checking the final printed proof, I've uploaded the introductory pages here for you to read.

We (my wonderful volunteer editors and I) think we've picked up on any errors, but if you spot any, let me know before July because that's when the book goes to print.

Don't miss the jaw-dropping comment which Becky Henry overheard (and describes in her Preface) after an eating disorders conference in the States (where Janet Treasure OBE and Walter Kaye were speaking about the neuroscience of eating disorders).

She says: 'So you can imagine my dismay when, over lunch, a psychotherapist who had been working in the field for many years leaned over to me and said: “There may be some truth in what these two are saying but if it weren’t for pathological parents, we wouldn’t have eating disorders.”'

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