Monday 22 September 2014

Awesome poem, written by my son

For those that haven't seen it on Facebook, my wonderful and incredibly creative (and now recovered from anorexia) son has given me permission to share this poem with you which he wrote last week. I think it is amazing:

Four years of torture, four years of pain,
Four years of worry, envy and shame.
You promised us love, you promised us life,
You promised us glory, no discomfort or strife.
We worked through the day, we worked till we cried,
We worked till I realised that you had lied.
Our life became hidden, shrouded in fears,
Our life was unworthy, hollowed by tears.
You took our passion, took pleasure with pride,
You took away our love and forced us to hide.
Fearing our friends, fearing our fate,
Fearing ourselves with anger and hate.
You watched us grow cold, you watched us grow thin,
You watched us in misery with that cold-hearted grin.
Yet now rid of you, rid of your pain,
I have one thing to say to you and that is; never again.

... And today Ben returns for his 2nd year at university! All the best, Ben!


  1. This is a gorgeous poem. It is wonderful to see what was once pain turned into productive and beautiful art. <3

  2. i have started my own blog after seeing how getting things in the open have been beneficial for people like you. thanks for the inspiration and i hope others can take something from my blogging :)

  3. I am a boy recovering from anorexia too. reading this blog has really made me emotional. it is so powerful. I have started my own blog which i have found useful to get my thoughts off my chest and into the open. it is certainly helping me :) my blog is i send you my best wishes!