Friday 18 September 2015

Thrilled to see these young people heading for university!

I'm sooooooo thrilled to see some of the teenagers whose stories featured in my book When anorexia came to visit: Families talk about how an eating disorder invaded their lives are off to university this month!

It really is a delight to know that they've pulled through this horrible illness and are able to get on with their lives.

Going away to university is such a big step for anyone to take let alone young people who have battled with anorexia and other eating disorders. I know because of the problems my son, Ben, had with going to university, starting in 2012, with a 'false start'.

If you are a parent of a teenager about to go to university and you are concerned about how they might cope with their anorexia or eating disorder, whether the illness is still present or if they are recovered from an eating disorder, here is a link to a free PDF of my blogs from 2012.

If you scroll down this PDF to September you can read about how we coped with the false start at university and what Ben and I learned from the experience. Of course I'm not saying that your son or daughter will pull out of university on their first attempt like Ben did; I really hope and pray that all will go swimingly as it does for so many young people.

But if you are at all concerned and things aren't going too well, my writings from September and October 2012 might help.

Likewise if your son or daughter is thinking of going to university next September and you're worried that they may not be ready.

Meanwhile, after that last-minute 'gap year' in 2012, I am delighted to say that Ben is embarking on his final year at university, as we speak. He's been elected as Inclusions Officers for the 'nerdy' society he's a member of. His job is to ensure that the new students feel included and to look out for anyone that appears lonely or awkward.

Having been through this experience for himself, he is the perfect candidate for the position!

He plans to run for President of the society next year when he does his Masters Degree.

Ben has moved into a real dump of a house with four other 'nerdy' boys who he met at this uni society. Hopefully they will all get on well and Ben will have his best-ever year.

More about the ways we managed to climatise Ben to life at university coming soon.

PS: Here is a link to the page where you can read free PDFs of all my blogs between 2011 and 2013.

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