Tuesday 22 December 2015

Wow, wow, and wow again!

A therapist friend of mine, who is part of the eating disorders network of people I've met over the past few years and who can always be depended on to provide great insights into things, suggested I take a look at this book: Depressive illness, the curse of the strong.

So I downloaded a sample on my Kindle and very quickly realised I had to purchase this book, so I did. And I'm sitting here exclaiming: "Wow, wow,wow and wow again!" as it describes my personality to a tee.

It is also the clearest description and explanation I have ever read about depressive illness, the kind of depression that is triggered by stress. For instance my current two-year struggle with depression probably came as a result of my brain short-circuiting after having battled with my son and his eating disorder for so many years, round-the-clock.

I'll blog a bit more here about this book as I read on, but I'm just on the first chapter and already I'm recognising myself. And, as the title suggests, people who develop this kind of depression are strong people. Indeed it is because they are strong that they develop the illness in the first place! If they were weak or lazy, they would have given up long before they arrived at the stage where their overloaded brain blew a fuse, so to speak, and plunged them into depression.

I feel as though my eyes are being opened wide in a very exciting way and I thoroughly recommend this book even though I'm only on chapter 1. Thank you to my friend for recommending it.

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