Sunday 3 April 2016

One good thing that came out of his eating disorder

My son is currently writing his university degree dissertation and studying for his final exams at the same time as applying for a Masters degree and obtaining funding for it. Phew! But I have to say - his time management skills are awesome, they really are. Top notch. Helped, of course, by the fact that he's passionate about his subject: history. While other students leave things to the last minute and panic, the wheels of his time management ability are turning smoothly and on time. I am so very proud of him - and admire his dedication and organisational skills more than you could imagine!

Much of this ability comes from the months when he was off school, in his GCSE year (2010). Work was sent home from school and he was basically distance-taught by his teachers. He passed his GCSE examinations with flying colours having organised himself and kept to deadlines. The following summer he worked on an Extended Project - about the Romans - and got an A grade, which was required as part of his university acceptance offer.

Again, all of this was organised by Ben himself.

His dedicated and time management, intelligence and ability, are astonishing.

I wish him every success as he takes his final university examinations this summer and goes on to study at Post-Graduate level.

Back in 2012 when he first attempted university and stayed for just 2 or 3 days, who would have thought he would have had such staying power?!

But, on the other hand, part of this comes from the way he learned staying-power-on-steroids as he refused to let the eating disorder consume him and fought for recovery.

I am one proud mama.

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