Friday 7 January 2011

Anorexia Nervosa - the need to put on weight...

Following our weekly CAMHS meeting today, (teenage anorexia sufferer) Ben's weight continues to hover around the same level. He is delighted with that weight, but we all know it needs to be a few kilo higher to be considered as 'healthy'.

Anorexia - the fight to change his mindset

Now that he has turned a corner as regards attitude and determination to recover from the anorexia, the next step will be the (no doubt slow) process of changing his mindset about what does and does not equal a healthy weight for his age and height - and for him to feel relaxed about steadily increasing his weight at the recommended 0.5kg a week.

It will happen, but it might not happen for a while...

Meanwhile he's frustrated that he still isn't allowed to do cardio exercise (ever since his pulse rate dropped very low - thought to be generated or influenced by the low weight level caused by the anorexia).

Having said all this, one year ago I would have been astonished if I could have seen him tucking into steamed ginger pudding and lashings of custard like he did last night.

"Sticking two fingers up" at the "anorexia voice"

The fact his weight has maintained after all his 'challenges', eating-wise this week, has once again proved to him that eating normally is OK. Week upon week of 'proof' seems to be one of the main motivators for Ben, enabling him to 'stick two fingers up', so to speak, at the 'anorexia voice' which tries to tell him the reverse.

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