Friday 20 July 2012

I told you we'd do it!

One week on from the 1kg weight loss during the school trip to Poland and Ben has put it all back on - plus a little more too. And he is happy with this which is excellent news.

This week he also met up with a friend for lunch and is doing some voluntary work in a local charity (thrift) shop as we speak.

He is also planning to do something curious called "Mince Week" with his friends M, Z and J next week, although it sounds a bit ominous: J's parents are away on vacation for a week and "Mince Week" takes place every evening. No, it's nothing to do with "mince" (i.e. ground beef). I think it's more a case of sitting around drinking beer and talking about the meaning of life. I just hope they don't do "other things" as well, because I know what teenage boys are like...

What all of this is saying to me - and hopefully to you, too - is that this is NORMAL.


Which continues to make me one happy mother.

Meanwhile I've been busy on my book about Ben's journey into and out of anorexia. It's really coming on now. I mean REALLY coming on.

But I can see why it can take months to write a book - they usually say around a year, don't they? So it's going to be at least the New Year before I get it published - in paperback and on Kindle.

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  1. You both deserve it so much. Looking forward to the book.