Wednesday 2 October 2013

He's having a tricky week...

It's the first week of lectures and things are a bit tricky. OK, doubtless they are tricky for virtually every new student, but I know that Ben is finding it particularly tough - and he isn't in the best frame of mind.

For a start, lectures kicked off with a topic that doesn't interest him, and he had to produce a presentation on it. His personal tutor is a 'dragon' and so is the seminar tutor he saw yesterday. And the wargames society, which we thought would be a saviour, turned out to be cr@p. Or at least last night's meeting was.

The result was that Ben was Facebooking me at 11pm feeling pretty naff, after a depressing two days.

So things are pretty poor on all levels. I don't think he's socialising much, if at all. And he's unhappy with this first taster of the degree course.

And I worry that it will reflect in his eating - and lower his mood. He has already said that he is too busy and stressed to think about eating. But - thankfully - he is eating, only he's not eating enough and has lost weight over the past month.

So I am monitoring things closely and may have to make a few decisions if things don't turn around soon.

The stress-on-all-fronts obviously flicks a switch somewhere inside his mind and we need to flick it off again before it causes any damage.

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