Monday 9 December 2013

2013 was Meeting New Friends year!

I was just thinking about how many friends and contacts from my enormous eating disorders network I've actually met in person this year, most for the first time! Wow, it has been amazing.

First, there's C who I meet up with on a regular basis because she lives locally. Then in early summer I met up with two friends in London, people I felt I knew well, but had only ever met on the internet, initially via the Around The Dinner Table Forum (for parents of young people with eating disorders).

In mid-summer I met with another mum, in Devon... twice! In the summer I also met up with P, a mum who've I've met on a number of occasions and also J, while I was visiting Somerset.

Then in November, in London, I met a load of contacts at Janet Treasure's eating disorder conference - some for the first time and some I've met before, at other conferences and through the network.

And finally last week I met up with J who came up to Leeds especially to see C (above) and me!

Oh, and I talked with 20 mums for my book When Anorexia Came To Visit. So, for the ones I hadn't met before, we got to talk for the first time, even if we didn't get to 'meet in the flesh'.

I hope I haven't missed anyone!

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