Wednesday 11 December 2013

So how's the support package going at university?

Not very well, to be honest, after all those positive vibes. And it's not just their fault; Ben isn't contacting people when he could be. He is sometimes, but not as much as he could. And, sadly, he says that the counsellor guy is "rubbish". Plus, we haven't heard any more from Emily as regards the Wargames group.

Having said this, Ben has seen the university GP and got some meds. He has persevered with the counsellor guy, but we are now trying out someone privately to see if this will help him with his social anxiety and depression.

University is just so very, very stressful for any new student, let alone someone with Ben's massive baggage. In my opinion, I would think very, very carefully before sending your eating disordered child - or recovered eating disordered child - to university before they are totally ready. Even though you might think they are ready... and, remember, we did last summer in 2012 and were proved wrong... they might not be. This year, my eyes were open wider and I've been watching carefully.

But, to be truthful, I am disappointed with the university's support which promised to be outstanding.

If the student doesn't constantly reach out to take advantage of these services, then they don't seem to come after him. It appears to be a one-way thing. And people with mental health issues can hesitate to reach out, at least in the case of Ben...

So the 'jury is out', so to speak, about which direction Ben's university experience will go from here.

And try as I might to 'detach with love' (see previous posts), it is bl**dy hard and bl**dy stressful and anxiety-provoking at this end.

It is also terribly sad and disappointing, know that your child isn't really enjoying the experience.

Or maybe even hating it.

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