Tuesday 4 March 2014

Scotland rocks - quick blog before I rush out!!!!

Gotta rush out, only got back late last night, so this is a copy of what I've just posted on the ATDT forum - will talk A LOT MORE when I get back. I have SO MUCH TO SAY I think I'm going to EXPLODE!!!!!!! Here it is...

This afternoon I plan to BLOG, BLOG AND BLOG AGAIN about what I heard in Glasgow on Sunday from James Lock - I took so many notes, my pen was positively smoking!

Seriously, though, I want to know what plans are in place, if any, for England and Wales to follow Scotland's example in running out FBT for eating disorders across the whole of the country? [This report was from 7 days ago]

Sorry I haven't had time to read the above posts [on the forum], so apols if I missed this above - I only got back from Scotland late last night and have to drive my son to uni this morning. But, meanwhile, I am positively EXPLODING with so many emotions: Absolute Delight that Scotland has 'seen the light', so to speak, and that lives will hopefully be saved - and that our young people will be able to resume their normal lives far, far, far sooner than the up-to-7-years or whatever it was for the old-style treatment for anorexia and bulimia.

Absolute HORROR AND ANGER that young people in England and Wales are still being failed by teams using essentially 19th century methods or, indeed, any method at all for some families who cannot access any NHS treatment at all for eating disorders.

Someone somewhere is about to DIE because of this failure to follow Scotland. 

OK, as James Lock said, no method claims to have a 100% success rate, there will always be people that fail to respond for whatever reason and there are co-morbid conditions to take into account, BUT at least it has been proven to work far more effectively and shorten the duration of the eating disorders. SO WHY THE HE*K AREN'T WE DOING IT IN ENGLAND AND WALES?

As I said to my son this morning - it is as if someone discovered a whole new treatment for cancer that had a far higher success rate and cost less to run out, yet clinicians continued to insist on old-style chemo and radiotherapy to treat the illness.

Gotta rush out now, but I am positively BUZZING with what I heard in Glasgow on Sunday.

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