Tuesday 28 March 2017

Such rotten, bad, bad luck - the chance of a lifetime missed because of internet failure!

Initially, once he's finished his Master's Degree in Medieval History, Ben wanted to do a PhD and so he could teach at a university. But the fees are too high. However the other week he met up with his old history teacher from school for a coffee. She told him about a new scheme available at some UK independent schools where you can train to teach on the job - a bit like the Government's Teach First scheme, but at a private school (with potentially less disruptive pupils). And - excitement, excitement - the other week The Dream Job came up: the chance to train as a history teacher at his old school! Wow and super-wow!!

Ben immediately applied and got an interview! He was THRILLED and I shed a tear or two with pride...

... However due to faulty internet, etc he'd picked up the message a day or so late.

He immediately contacted the school to explain and say yes he'd love to come for interview.

But it was TOO LATE!

They'd already held the interviews and chosen someone for the post.


Of course there was no guarantee that he would have got the job if he had been interviewed, but his qualifications are excellent (First Class Degree and Masters Degree).  And remember that in his gap year he assisted with teaching the school's sixth form history group for a couple of days a week.

This was the Chance of a Lifetime - something he really deserves and would have been brilliant at.

I feel so very sad for him.

He was so disappointed that he came home early from university for Easter. I picked him up yesterday.

This is such rotten bad luck and there's practically zero chance of a similar job coming up in the future.

So what to do now?

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