Saturday 1 April 2017

For anyone wondering how Ben is getting along

Yes he is disappointed about the teacher training interview, but he's dealing with it brilliantly. In between the huge amount of studying he is doing for his Master's Degree he's keeping an eye out for job opportunities. He has also submitted an application to UCAS for various teacher training opportunities whether in-school training or the more traditional college route.

Last night he and I went out for a belated Mothers Day meal and he ordered a large pizza with two extra toppings. When we got home he had his usual evening-long snacks - a seemingly endless supply of cereal, dried fruit and bits and pieces.

Today he has his usual friends up in his room for a massive table top war games battle (Warhammer) and it's very noisy! Just like it used to be in the 'old days'.

Plus, he is about to learn how to drive (he has been putting it off for ages but now realises he will need it in order to broaden his career options).

Life is pretty normal, really. Nothing major to report with regard to eating worries or anything like that.

All in all it's Good News!

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