Thursday 13 July 2017

Honoured to be invited to be a Trustee of the Men Get Eating Disorders Too charity

I've known Sam Thomas, founder of the charity Men Get Eating Disorders Too, for some time. We occasionally meet up at conferences and so on. Sam does an amazing job. Not only is he the founder of this incredible charity but he campaigns tirelessly across the country, on TV and radio and in the press to raise awareness of the fact that men get eating disorders. If there's a report about males and eating disorders, then the chances are that the reporter will be interviewing Sam!

So I was thrilled this week when Sam asked me if I'd like to be on the Board as a Trustee. I immediately said yes. I haven't a clue what I will be required to do but whatever it is I know it will be as part of this amazing machinery that Sam has created nationwide (and further afield) with his charity Men Get Eating Disorders Too.

More news as I get it!

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