Sunday 4 September 2011

Onwards and upwards...

So, all that swearing and tears on Friday morning and it turns out Ben had LOST 0.6kg while we were away. So I asked him what he planned to do about it.

Without any prompting he said he was increasing his daily calories back to where they were for the next 4 days, however he'd be dropping them down again when he starts school on Wednesday, for the 3 remaining days of the school week. But thankfully not to the extra low level he reckoned we'd 'agreed on' the other week...

So there are good and not-so-good things there. Also I know he has been doing a little bit of exercise today. However the agreement is that the moment any of it becomes compulsive, then it stops. ("In your heart of hearts you know when it's enjoyable and when it's compulsive, Ben"...)

I also insisted that if his weight has maintained or only increased a tiny bit by the end of next week, then the calories increase every day, school days included.

But first we need to get Ben back into school full time... something he has so far only managed on a couple of brief occasions at the end of last term.

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