Wednesday 21 September 2011

Ye har! The Recovery Contract is 6 months old this week!

And, yes, we are still doing it. And, yes, it is still doing what it's supposed to do. And yes I am quite a few quid poorer as I've 'traded in' all those yummy scrummy points for cash!

  • YES Ben is sticking to each day's agreed calories
  • YES Ben is only doing 'permitted' exercise
  • YES Ben makes himself do daily food & social challenges, sometimes several in one day
  • YES Ben is going to school every day
  • YES we feel as if we are moving forward rather than entering limbo
  • YES we agree the calorie plan for the following week depending on what the scales say
It's all written down and agreed, so no-one can claim we never agreed to do such-and-such.

So, six proven months on, I'd say the Recovery Contract is a success!

Get out the Champagne!

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  1. :D I am so happy that this has helped your family.