Monday 4 March 2013

Disappearing up the proverbial you-know-what...

It's my own fault that I'm juggling so many balls at once, of course. That's me, down to a tee. I always feel I have to be on the go doing something and find it hard to sit down, relax and read a book, say... Then I panic because of the backlog of self-imposed things that need doing. Like I still haven't made an appointment to see my MP. I still haven't made an appointment to chat to the GPs at our local practice. Etc etc...

But I am gradually making progress on publishing my new book "Please eat..." which, hopefully, Ben will finish commenting on soon. And formatting a version for Kindle and another version for other e-readers.

And I did spend an afternoon last week talking with the student niece of a friend for her dissertation on males and eating disorders.

And I have made an inroad into my next book "Recognising ED" in which I talk to - 23 I think the current total is - families about their experiences from when they first realised there was a problem through to referral for treatment.

Plus I've been lurking on the ATDT forum for parents of young people with eating disorders where I'm a mentor.

Oh, and I've been doing my normal paid work.

And later this week Ben and I will be spending the day in Sheffield to formulate a Plan to ease him into university should he decide to give it another go in September. We will be seeing accommodation services, student services, ED nurse in health services, disability services and the admission tutors for his course - a packed schedule from 10am to 6pm, phew!

Which is why I haven't been posting up here that much recently.

But I will do, I promise!

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