Tuesday 26 February 2013

Update on who I'm seeing, when and why

Firstly, I'm meeting up with my local MP at some point next week (probably) to talk about the issues raised in the letter I posted here a few days ago (primarily over 16s and eating disorders). Secondly, I'm meeting with two of our local GPs to talk about the current situation as regards diagnosing / understanding / recognising / referral for eating disorders. And, thirdly, I am talking with (so far) 17 UK families about their experiences from when they first realised something was wrong with their child through to referral for eating disorder treatment.

The latter is for my next book (working title) Recognising ED: Families talk about how they first realised their child was developing an eating disorder (the title of which I need to edit down!!)

If you are a UK family and you would like to talk with me, in confidence, with all names and anything else identifiable changed to protect your privacy, then please do get in touch with me at battymatty@bevmattocks.co.uk

I have emailed the Royal College of GPs to see if I can talk to someone there, but have received no reply.

Meanwhile I am still waiting for Ben to make his way through my new book Please eat... so I can get it published! As I said before, it's slow progress. He has reached chapter 10. Only another 22 to go...

Apart from that, and one review I would still love to have, it's ready to go live!

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