Tuesday 12 November 2013

A spot of deja vu...

So I dropped off a silent and uncommunicative Ben at the train station yesterday, university-bound. Then I went swimming, came home, had lunch and answered the doorbell... to Ben who wasn't saying anything about why he'd appeared on the doorstep, but "the soup and baguette I had in Pret were awesome!" A throw-back to the time he went AWOL on a school trip to Manchester.

Then yesterday evening he was fine, if still silent about what he was doing here.

Then today I dropped off a silent and uncommunicative Ben at the train station, university-bound... again...

Which, of course, meant that yesterday he missed his second appointment with Rob in the student counselling services which I'd put all that effort into setting up as part of Emily's Support Package.

Which, if he was in 'flight mode' which he obviously was, he probably needed more than anything yesterday.

I didn't say much to him; part of the attempting to emotionally detach, a decision made after spending two days in Sheffield the other week setting up a support package for Ben with Emily and Rob - to make settling into university as trouble-free as possible for him.

Yet he fails to turn up to see Rob.

The thing is... he has made the decision to be there i.e. not quit, yet he is failing to keep his side of the bargain when it comes to the Support Package.

Kids, huh...

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