Thursday 6 February 2014

Oh come off it NEXT, that model is positively emaciated

Oh I am so pissed off with the way fashion models and mannequins are so ridiculously skinny and present this look as the 'ideal' to young women and men. And the model gracing the front of the new mini NEXT catalogue I've just been sent in the post takes the biscuit. You can see this frankly emaciated figure here.

Yes we know that mass media and glamorisation of an overly-thin ideal do not cause eating disorders, but they can certainly lead a vulnerable individual down the path to developing one and serve as a constant source of triggers for people with eating disorders.

I mean, NEXT... If my daughter looked like the one in that photo I'd have her down the local GPs' surgery in a shot.

It is no longer ethical for a company like NEXT to portray 'the ideal' as skinny and emaciated. It never was ethical, but with all the recent publicity to portray 'real women' (whatever a 'real' woman is...) you would think they'd know better.


  1. I totally agree. I was absolutely horrified to see the NEXT mini-catalogue - flabbergasted in fact. I actually (strange for me) immediately tweeted my feelings. Shame on you NEXT.

    1. I eventually got a very brief emailed reply from NEXT stating that their models all fit into clothes within their ranges, mainly size 10, and do not have eating disorders. They completely missed the point...

  2. I have never commented on anything on the internet. But I received the next catalogue in the post this week and am absolutely horrified at the models in the catalogue. One of them is so skinny she looks ill. I don't mind skinny woman in magazines but this is just wrong!