Monday 21 November 2016

Okay, so that's enough of sifting through notes from 2009. Let's look at the anger...

So why did it take an emergency admission to the cardiac ward at our local hospital to get my son finally seen by CAMHS (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services)? (At the end of January 2010.)

Back in late September / early October, why did it take the GP so long to realise that, yes, this is an eating disorder and, yes, it needs to be referred for eating disorder treatment right away?

Why did it take the school nurse to tell me all about CAMHS and eating disorder treatment - not the GP who told me nothing?

Why did it take a telephone call to the GP from my husband to force him into sending off a referral?

Why did it take nearly a month for the CAMHS acknowledgement to come through to us - and TWO WEEKS after the date on the letter?

Why was I told that we'd have to wait 18-22 weeks for Ben to be assessed - with no date given for the start of the actual eating disorder treatment? Why did CAMHS refuse to budge on this despite my rantings?

Why did the GP ignore my pleas to get Ben seen urgently? Why did he seem quite happy to let us go private because we were so desperate?

Why did we have to go private in a country with a free National Health Service?

Why didn't the cardiac staff in the hospital in late January 2010 clock on about the link between anorexia and Bradycardia (low pulse rate)?

Why did they do nothing to get Ben to eat while he was in hospital?

Why did they look blankly when I said that he was developing anorexia?

Why did it take this heart incident to get him seen by CAMHS - and only then when I phoned them to tell them what had happened?

Why, throughout, was no-one listening to me or believing me?

Why indeed?!

This is why I have this 'old' anger and why it needs processing.

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