Thursday 17 August 2017

New diagnostic video from the Kartini Clinic featuring presentation of an 11 yo male with restricting anorexia

Morgan O'Toole, CEO of the excellent US (Portland) based Kartini Clinic, got in touch with me to send me this link to the first of a series of videos they are making about males with eating disorders.This particular video, presented by Dr Julie O'Toole, Kartini Clinic founder and Chief Medical Officer, is about how to recognise eating disorders in boys. Here's what they say in the description:

This video shows a 12 year old boy who has struggled with classical anorexia nervosa, including fear of fat, self-denial, increased and compulsive exercise, weight loss and intrusive thoughts of worthlessness and shaming. He is also an excellent student, excels at sports and is personally very tidy. He comes from an intact, highly functional and supportive family and there is a family history of OCD and perfectionism. He is able to talk about 'voices' telling him not to eat and what to drink. There are no symptoms of psychosis or delusions except for the delusional belief that he is fat.

Morgan says: "We hope to produce a series of these shortly; we already have raw footage of a adolescent transgender patient (female to male) we think would be very topical."

He's also added me to various mailing lists e.g. their newsletter, etc and added my book Please eat: A mother's struggle to free her teenage son from anorexia to their reading list.

Let's spread the word and raise awareness of boys and eating disorders - as well as raising awareness of how to recognise eating disorders in boys!

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