Friday 21 October 2011

Still adjusting to 'peace time'...

This week has been really weird for 2 reasons: (1) I feel as if we've definitely reached a watershed in terms of recovery and (2) this watershed is exactly one year on from when we reached our original watershed i.e. Ben completely turned a corner in terms of working with us towards recovery rather than against us.

It's also been my birthday so, like last year, it's been a really great birthday present.

Everyone has commented on the difference in Ben: CAMHS (who are delighted), my family and Ben's teachers at school. Okay so Ben lost a little weight this week, but - in line with what he and I agreed the previous week - he's increasing his calories to compensate for it.

I really do feel as if I have finally got 'my boy back' after 2+ terrible years.

Ben himself says it feels really weird because, to him, it's as if he's still in the 5th form at school rather than the Upper 6th - purely and simply because he's missed two years from his life. And, yes, he does seem - and look - younger than most of his peers.

But of course I'll be keeping a discreet but close eye on things to check they continue to move in the right direction...

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