Wednesday 11 January 2012

More on the subject of new year diets...

Thank you for all your comments on my last post. I've put a complaint into the Unit and they say they'll investigate it further. In response to ELT's comment on my post, yes this seems to be part of the problem Ben's facing i.e. on one hand the 'health professionals' are telling him to eat MORE calories while on the other a tonne of other 'health professionals' are telling people to eat LESS. Also, he's being told to CUT DOWN on exercise while seeing all the media messages about INCREASING it.

It's confusing and it sends the ED thinking into heck of a mess.

"Sometimes I don't know WHAT I should be doing!" he said. Of course, to you and me, it's obvious. But to the ED brain, it's not so clear. Especially when the people he sees 'dieting' aren't obese or even slightly overweight. In fact some of his female peers are quite the reverse...

So when he sees Such-and-Such with her too-thin physique boasting how she's "only had 500 calories yesterday", it sets off alarm bells in his head.

But, strangely, part of this alarm bell ringing is the worry that - by constantly talking about crazy or faddy dieting and the pressing need to do so - these girls may trigger off something in one of their other peers' heads... maybe a young person who could be susceptible to developing an eating disorder. This is what is worrying him, too.

However, as I said to him, just because a young person is far, far too thin it doesn't mean they have an ED or will go on to develop an ED.

Or does it in some cases?

You know what we ED parents are like... The moment we see a young person who's pale and stick thin, we jump to unsettling conclusions...


  1. I'm nearly recovered from anorexia and I worry (borderline obsess) over whether someone I've seen has an ED or not. But you're right, not everyone does. I tell myself "Well, they look very slim. They might be ill with something else, or simply have that build, or just not know what they're doing to their body." The most difficult thing is not being able to say anything.

    I agree completely, it's very triggering to see such messages, especially with our so-called "obesity epidemic". Maybe it would be useful to remind Ben that these new years resolutions are about becoming healthy- whether that means losing or gaining weight.
    I really feel for you and the family, I look back and can't believe what havoc the disorder caused for mine. But y'know what? My mum and I are so, so close now the worst is over. :)

  2. Brilliant that your mum and you have been brought so close now the worst is over, Leech, and thanks so much for feedback. What you say is so true...