Tuesday 2 October 2012

Driving to a strangely familiar place...

Ben's been in touch with his school to see if they need any help over the coming year - and today he's gone in to lend a hand. So it was kind of strange driving back to the old place with Ben dressed in his sixth form suit, just like last year. Except it wasn't just like last year...

There was no stress or angst. Or exams to worry about. And it's Ben that's arranged all this, not me. So it's what he wants to do. I only hope he proves to be useful and doesn't find it too boring. I also hope he gets invited again so it becomes a regular event.

I also hope it's a way to get back in with the friendship circle from the year below, students that weren't in the firing line for the old disturbing anorexia behaviours. And who, as a result, tend to be more welcoming and accepting than his peer group.

Then on Friday Ben has a second interview for a (paid) weekend job with Games Workshop. He's already sailed through the first (telephone) interview. I eavesdropped on it and was amazed at how well he did it: so mature, so confident and so professional. Wow!

Meanwhile he has a few other voluntary job applications in the pipeline.

But most important of all, I want him to ease back into a social life. He's already met up with a few of his friends that are taking a gap year, but nothing more than that.

I'll let you know how he gets on...

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