Thursday 8 November 2012

I'm keeping quiet and quietly observing...

Remember I said Ben was finding it hard to come to terms with weight increase? I haven't said anything to him since we last spoke about it... and he "effed" and "blinded" about it... I'm just observing. Ever since he weighed himself and discovered that his weight had maintained for three weeks rather than increasing further, his mood has been much, much better. In fact his mood has been pretty darn good, really.

Of course it might have nothing to do with the weight maintenance. I haven't approached the subject. I think it's better to keep quiet. I don't want to open any cans of worms. He might just be going through A Good Patch.

He's been out and about socialising quite a bit. Friday was Phab club, Sunday he met up with old school friends for a meal at Nandos and Monday was Bonfire Night - 2 of the girls from Phab invited him to a fireworks display in a park near where they live and he had a really great time.

He's been in touch with an old school friend who's doing a gap year in Africa to see if she would like to share a flat with him at university in September - and she's said yes. That will make it easier for him to ease into university. She's a lovely girl - quiet and shy like him, so it will probably make her introduction to university easier to handle, too. They both love cooking and eat the same kind of food, and have the same philosophy on life. Before the eating disorder came onto the scene three and a half years ago they used to be an item. But they split up because both were too shy to make the relationship work! Oh, and her family moved to another city after Year 11. But they've remained the best of friends.

Meanwhile Ben's been working at school for two mornings this week and is back at the charity shop today and tomorrow - and at Games Workshop tonight playing Warhammer games, then Phab on Friday evening. And on Saturday morning he raised £50 collecting for Phab outside our local Marks & Spencers.

The psychologist sessions are still "on hold" and we've arranged to see the dietician in December (she can't see us before then). So hopefully we can work on the food / weight issues that still bother Ben.

Famous last words... but all in all things are looking pretty good. And so is Ben. I just love the way his face and body finally looks much as it did before the eating disorder struck. I do hope he is coming to terms which what he sees in the mirror and the way his clothes fit, because he looks wonderful!

Oh, and I forgot to say, he has volunteered to appear on a BBC3 programme about body image later in the month. Watch this space for more details...

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