Monday 16 September 2013

Thank you everyone who rallied round with FB comments and emails

It's made me quite teary, actually, when I think of how many people responded to my blog yesterday when I was feeling cr*p. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful network of virtual and real people (I know, you're all 'real', but you know what I mean...) I am feeling so much better today, especially after a swim, sauna and session in the jacuzzi (even if I did get told off by the pool attendant for sitting in it 'too soon'!)

So I have bought myself a waterproof MP3 so I can swim around listening to chilled music and imagine I'm not in our local health club but somewhere with a stunning view, preferably with a chilled beer waiting for me when I get out and onto the veranda. (Dream on...)

And I've booked another few sessions with Christina, the counsellor I saw last year. She asked me how Ben was getting on at Uni. I told her it didn't happen, but that he's off to try again this Saturday.

Which brings me round to that subject.

I think he's been keeping quiet because he's just organising it all in his own way, contacting the people he needs to contact and sorting out lists of stuff.

It's kind of weird because, as a parent, I'm getting all the emailers I got last year from accommodation, about moving in and so on. So, on Saturday, it will be a repeat performance of this time last year which will be kind of spooky.

I have no idea how it will turn out, but my fingers and toes are crossed!

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