Thursday 5 September 2013

The interviews that never happened...

I'm not sure whether or not I'm still being interviewed on Woman's Hour next week. The other week I was also interviewed for a piece for the Mail Online and spent ages on the phone to their reporter, but I haven't heard any further. Then, a year ago, Ben and I spent an afternoon being filmed for Sky TV news and nothing came of that, either. Are we just bad at being interviewed, simply not photogenic, or is the issue about boys and young men with eating disorders just "not news"? Mind you, we are still appearing on BBC's Inside Out later on this month along with Sam Thomas of Men Get Eating Disorders Too and various experts.

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  1. I estimate that four out of five times I'm interviewed I don't make the final cut. From the interviewee side this can be exasperating but I also believe that each of these encounters has an influence anyway: the journalist may change the way they look at the issue, may call me back at another time, and may take a kinder view to my pet topics than they would have. I always thank them and also send a note after their show/article to let them know I appreciate their taking on a difficult topic.

    On the journalist side, and I've done that, too, I have to interview a number of people to make sure I have a good scope of knowledge. But the final product needs to fit into the format AND into what my original assignment was. Journalists are, by design, generalists who have to digest new information and then produce a piece that fits into the space and interest level of the public. I sometimes wish I could feature more or different viewpoints but have to put them aside for another piece.

    This whole public figure thing is tough. It's personal and yet it is business. It is advocacy but there are personal costs as well. After many years at it I haven't found the perfect balance!