Saturday 7 September 2013

The Woman's Hour emails...

Dear Bev, I am writing to you from the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Woman’s Hour’. Next week we are doing a mini-series about parent bloggers. Next Wednesday we will be looking at campaign bloggers – bloggers who use their blogs to publicise specific issues related to bringing up children. Your blog about your son’s anorexia really struck a chord. Would you be free to come on the programme? Would you be free to have a chat over the phone? My number is XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. It would be great to hear from you. All the best, 

Hi, Thanks for getting in touch, and I'm glad you felt my blog was / is worthwhile. I'm away in Devon on holiday this week; back at the weekend, so will check my diary and get back to you - and I wouldn't be around to talk until Monday 9th?? Only other problem is that I live in Leeds so coming into London wouldn't be straightforward... I'm on email if you need to get back to me this week. Regards, Bev Mattocks

Hi Bev, The programme is going to be next Wednesday (the 11th) so it’s no problem that you are away until the 9th. We would need to speak this week though. Do you have a mobile I could call? It would take around 20 minutes. I doesn’t matter that you’re in Leeds, we have a BBC studio in Leeds where you could do the interview from. Best, 

Hi, is tomorrow morning ok? If I call you first once I can get reception? After 9.30? Regards, Bev

Hi Bev, I think I’ve got all the information I need by reading your blog more closely. Enjoy the rest of your holiday! 

Hi, OK! Do you want to get in touch with me on Monday? And if you need any further info we can talk then? Best wishes Bev

I think we’re actually ok for next week’s programme but I did really enjoy your blog. 

Hi, So does this mean you don't need me on the programme now? Best wishes Bev Mattocks

No we don’t. Thank you very much for responding all the same.

Can I know the reason why, please, as you led me to believe you wanted me to participate and my message is so important? I am most disappointed at the way you have handled this.

Sincere apologies, your message is very important but the piece isn't going to be as long as I originally thought which means we won't be able to fit in all that we might have liked. We have two bloggers already coming on the programme who also have powerful blogs and it wouldn't be fair to make all three of you travel to studios and then not give you time to answer questions sufficiently. I am truly very sorry if you feel disappointed. Kindest regards,

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