Saturday 10 December 2016

My scrawled comments on the letter speak for themselves

All over the letter I talk about in my last blog post are scrawled comments - my desperate notes for the next CAMHS meeting: How soon before my son can go as an in-patient? How much more does he need to decline? How do I stop him exercising? How can we get him to eat school dinners? Refusal to stick to calories on school days when "sitting around doing nothing". I can't PHYSICALLY force him to eat - what are you going to do because I CAN'T LOOK AFTER HIM, prevent self harm, etc, he is bigger than me. What if he continues to lose weight? One hour a week with CAMHS isn't sufficient! What is the plan? Where do we go from here? Reading between the lines you can kind of guess what was going on inside my head at that point and why I felt so very, very helpless and frightened.

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