Monday 4 September 2017

I've just been reminded of this wonderful poem my son wrote following his recovery from the eating disorder

On the Around The Dinner Table forum (for parents of young people with eating disorders), some of us have been thinking about the way the eating disorder is like a separate entity to our sons or daughters. In our house we used to refer to the eating disorder as 'the anorexia demon', 'the demon ED [eating disorder]' or 'the ED voice'. It reminded me of this poem which my son wrote following his recovery from anorexia; the poem is aimed at 'the ED voice'...

Never Again

Four years of torture, four years of pain,
Four years of worry, envy and shame.
You promised us love, you promised us life,
You promised us glory, not discomfort or strife.
We worked through the day, we worked till we cried,
We worked till I realised that you had lied.
Our life became hidden, shrouded in fears,
Our life was unworthy, hollowed by tears.
You took our passion, took pleasure with pride,
You took away our love and forced us to hide.
Fearing our friends, fearing our fate,
Fearing ourselves with anger and hate.
You watched us grow cold, you watched us grow thin,
You watched us in misery with that cold-hearted grin.
Yet now rid of you, rid of your pain,
I have one thing to say to you and that is; never again.

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