Tuesday 1 February 2011

Anorexia echoes? Only kidding!

Phewee.... Ben decides to do some baking in the kitchen downstairs. Then I hear banging, crashing and what sounds like shouting... then a repeat... My heart stops and I go into 'Red Alert'. I recognise those sounds. Something must have gone wrong with the baking and Ben is having an 'Ed rage'... Oh no, I thought we'd seen the last of these rages! So I brace myself and go downstairs, taking a deep breath before walking into the kitchen (armed with clean laundry so he'd think I was entering by coincidence...) LOL, there he is, bashing the baking dough to knead it, big smile on face while 'singing' along to Wizard's 1970s hit "See my Baby Jive" at the top of his voice.

Ed was well and truly absent.

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