Monday 21 February 2011

Calorie crisis - is this another turning point, I wonder..?

Not everyone advocates calorie counting as a means for the anorexia sufferer to weight gain. But, for Ben, calorie counting was the only way to get him to eat enough food - especially as he prepares his own breakfasts and lunches. However calorie counting definitely plays into the anorexia's hands in that it's a very 'controlling' thing and puts the person in a completely artificial environment. So yesterday Ben announced out of the blue that he'd had enough of counting calories.

At first, alarm bells went off as I worried it might result in him eating LESS and as a result losing weight which he can't afford to do. Also, I wasn't entirely sure he was at the 'right stage' to do this yet.

But, on the other hand, it could prove to be another positive turning point. So after some discussion we decided to give it a try until Thursday when he goes for his next CAMHS weighing session.

I think he just feels so imprisoned by the anorexia and is longing to break free. As he said last night: "I just want a HOLIDAY from it all and the last time I had a real holiday was in spring 2009, before all this kicked in."

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