Thursday 24 March 2011

Day Four of the Contract...

It's early days, but the Recovery Contract seems to be working. More importantly, Ben has taken it on board enthusiastically ("Points win prizes!" he says, thinking of the X-Box Kinnect thing he'll "buy" with however many points I eventually decide it's worth...

One thing that is working well is the Exercise Contract. As you know Ben's exercising was a bit out of control and what the Contract has done is sign, seal and deliver what is "allowed" and what isn't. Having it all down in writing means it's far easier for him to stick to the limits. And in case you're wondering, we're only permitting "healthy exercise" that's enjoyable to do. No aerobics, frantic gym sessions or anything like that.

"What about exercise at school?" I asked, referring to the way he's tended to dash between lessons as a way of cramming even more exercise into his day.

"Oh I dealt with that ages ago," he replied confidently. And he hasn't been doing sport or PE for MONTHS.

Everything on the Contract is "subject to revision" as time goes on. If we have problems with the exercise, then Ben knows it will stop - and exercise will become a kind of "reward" in itself maybe.

But for the time being, everything seems to be working OK and Ben feels more confident. And I haven't noticed any anxiety about the fact he won't be getting weighed tomorrow. Remember at CAMHS last week we agreed to start fortnightly weighing sessions rather than weekly. I must admit I'm a bit nervous that he may have lost weight (whereas no doubt he thinks the reverse).

But at the end of the day he knows that weight gain is the only option.

Just as important as the X-Box "bribe", he knows that if he doesn't cooperate and make progress, then he won't be going to University in September 2012.

Basically, if he's not ready for University then he won't go. Well not for another year at any rate.

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