Tuesday 8 March 2011

It's Pancake Day - get out the frying pan!

... And Ben has made a stack of amazing pancakes with various combos: lemon and sugar, nutella, yogurt and fresh fruit, and maple syrup - all fried up in oil. I ate one and he ate the rest, followed by a large iced coffee. Then, last weekend, he made a batch of enormous and very delicious fruit scones which we all had with jam and butter. Today he was the first to make claim to our new ice-cream maker to whip up some frozen fruit yogurt).

Ben has always loved cooking and in the Bad Old Days of High Anorexia, he was an absolute whiz at de-calorising recipes to come up with some horrible, bland, fat-free concoctions. He wouldn't even add a tablespoon of oil to bread dough. These days, his cookery and baking is pretty close to normal, the only glitch being that he often uses low fat margarine instead of the full fat version. And you wouldn't catch him baking a chocolate fudge cake or anything like that. Or, if you did, he wouldn't have a slice.

One day he will...

I hope...

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