Monday 21 March 2011

One Weight Gain Contract drawn up!

Okay, so it may or may not work, but I have high hopes for it at this stage in the recovery process. Today I drew up a Contract aimed at steady Weight Gain over the next few months with a view to hopefully getting Ben ready to go to University in September 2012 (that's another topic altogether...) Most importantly, it's about turning round the stagnation we've been experiencing since the summer on the weight gain front (constantly swinging up and down so in reality he's virtually maintained, despite huge improvements on most other fronts) - so he gains some serious weight.

  • To keep the momentum going and avoid ‘going round in circles’
  • To see sustained weight gain and marked improvement
  • To ideally get Weight Restored (WR) by 31st August (23rd December latest)
  • To maintain weight once WR
  • To eliminate calorie counting and all ‘numbers’ by Christmas
  • To maintain weight at WR for 6 months from Christmas to qualify for 2012 Uni entry (subject to being sufficiently ready for University by August 2012)
  • To agree to University Transition Contract (similar to this one on the FEAST website) prior to leaving for Uni to hopefully ensure no relapses
I've drawn up a draft contract and been through it with Ben, making it clear that this is a two-way thing. It covers Eating, Exercise, School and Weight Gain with points that can be earned for all the key things with penalties for dishonesty, failing to keep to key elements of the plan or doing too much exercise.

Before I go into more detail here, it's best if we trial it for a few weeks to see how it goes. Hopefully by having a definite aim and rewards rather than something vague with vague promises of "We'll buy you X when you're better", it will have a better chance of working.

But obviously what I want to avoid is for Ben to be able to claim rewards without achieving sustained weight gain. In other words, staying pretty much where we are. So whatever reward(s) the points buy mustn't be achievable without moving significantly forward.

And hopefully with the weight gain will come additional improvements on other fronts - notably the exercising, school and social life.

Also, the plan is to review / adjust the contract whenever necessary.

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