Tuesday 15 March 2011

One step at a time...

My very good friend W on the ATDT Forum has advised (re. escaping from 'Limboland') that when she "broke this process down into manageable steps, it was less exhausting and anxiety provoking for me". She recommends "One step at a time - don't worry about the future... Stick to the task that needs to be tackled now" and "When that's solid, move on to the next step". Excellent advice, W, because it's so easy to see EVERYTHING that needs tackling at this next stage of anorexia recovery as massively daunting. A bit like when you realise the whole house is a total tip (like mine is) and you don't know which room to begin with - and, even then, cleaning the individual rooms is daunting because there's so much to do!!!

So this week I am focusing on (what has ended up as being) 3 things:

  • Phasing in blind weighing (already mentioned here).
  • Keeping an eye on the compulsive exercise.
  • The school plan (mentioned in my last entry).

I won't focus on anything else - except pointing the CAMHS nurse towards the World Health Organisation BMI chart for teenage boys which my other very good ATDT friend, C, sent me a link to this morning. On Friday the nurse mentioned that some people choose to stay at a low BMI (to which my OTHER good ATDT Forum friend, M, retorted: "Rewrite: 'Some people prefer to stay sick, so we let them'" when I told her. 

Of course this made Ben think that his current BMI of 18.4 is OK and there isn't much work to do. He feels that his body is OK now, it's just his mind that needs working on...

NOT the case, according to the WHO statistics...

(PS: I am eternally grateful for all the support I get from the Around The Dinner Table parents..._

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