Friday 8 April 2011

CAMHS day today...

It's Friday which means it's CAMHS day, but no weigh-in as we're doing fortnightly weighing sessions now. The psych has been away for 3 weeks, so it will be interesting to see where we go from here... The Recovery Contract is still going strong and Ben 'spent' some of the points last weekend on some models which he paints - so points really do 'win prizes'! But do they get results?

I believe it's working. Since we started the Contract, Ben's made an effort to get into school more, even when he hasn't slept (and this week has been particularly bad on that level...) He is challenging himself more by eating extra calories, facing 'fear' foods not just once, but again and again (e.g. chocolate). And he is still sticking to the Exercise Contract which is making his life a lot easier.

Now that he's broken up from school for the Easter holidays, I suggested we come up with something else that earns points to replace the points he gets from going into school (1 point for a part morning, 2 points for a full morning - which will rise to 3 points for a full day plus another point for successful school dinners, probably) - so he doesn't lose out now he's on a 3-week break.

I reminded him that this is a 2-way thing. It's not me imposing my will on him, it's a joint effort where we both agree what goes into the Contract. He suggested points for revising for exams, but I reminded him that we're talking about things that aid his recovery from anorexia, so although revising is extremely commendable, we can't include it in the Contract. He was fine about that.

Ben studies A level Psychology and, coincidentally, they've been looking at Contracts as a means of aiding recovery from various mental illnesses - so that has reinforced our Contract in his mind as something that has been proven to work.

I wonder why our CAMHS team never suggested it? In fact the nurse had never heard of a Contract like this.

Yet another example of why the USA is ahead of the UK in the successful treatment of and research into eating disorders...

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