Friday 22 April 2011

A blip, thankfully... fingers crossed...

Thankfully it was only a "blip" the other day and Ben is now back to his usual, on-the-road-to-recovery self after deciding to talk about it in depth to me yesterday, which was good. And he managed to go over calories by an extra 200 yesterday. But I'd like to get him weighed when we go to CAMHS on Wednesday afternoon to see how things are panning out.

At the last CAMHS session he agreed to regularly go over calories but, in practice, has only gone over 3 times since last Friday which may mean his weight has maintained - in which case I will INSIST we increase the calories formally on the Contract. I'm not going to let CAMHS settle for "vague promises" from Ben which they are prone to do and which he finds hard to keep.

I believe this is why we haven't come as far as I believe we should have come and I know my ATDT friends would agree with me. For MONTHS we relied on Ben promising he'd do such-and-such, when in practice all the good intentions went straight out of the window the moment he left CAMHS resulting in 12 months where he weighed LESS at the end then he did at the START.

Okay, he'd come on emotionally, but modern eating disorder research shows that weight gain must take a priority rather than being placed on a "back burner" until the patient "feels ready to eat more". This kind of thinking went out with the Ark...

I'm not being negative; believe me there has been a MASSIVE, ENORMOUS improvement over the past 12 months, but I believe the focus should have been placed equally as strongly on weight gain - and it wasn't, otherwise Ben's weight would be far higher than it is, 13 months into CAMHS treatment.

This is why I won't let CAMHS go down the "Ben will do it when he's ready" route any longer...


  1. Sounds great, Batty! I love a good ED whack-down. ED will never let our kids be "ready" on their own.

  2. Thanks Batty, keep posting.. you're a real encouragement!