Saturday 16 April 2011

Our second fortnightly weigh-in...

As you know, we've changed the weekly weigh-ins to fortnightly so Ben doesn't become so obsessed with numbers. Interestingly, the last 2 weeks have been a virtual carbon copy of the previous 2 weeks, food-wise. If anything, Ben has eaten many more 'challenge' foods like cake, chocolate, ice cream, chocolate brownies, etc. Last time he put on 0.9kg but yesterday his weight was stable, with no change. So that equals 0.9kg across the whole month, around half the weight gain recommended by NICE, but never mind. As a result we've made some little adjustments to the Recovery Contract.

This weigh-in, of course, Ben didn't earn the monster points I award him for weight gain. But what we have done is adjusted the Contract so he gets an extra point if he goes over his daily calories by 100 and 2 if he goes over by 200.

Also, the result taught Ben quite a few lessons in that it's OK to eat all these 'challenge' foods and not balloon out into a huge monster; in fact on some days he's eaten 2 challenge puddings one after the other.

He seems keen to try to 'up' his calorie intake slightly to see what happens at the next weigh-in, which is now THREE weeks away, not two. And I shall be strongly but gently encouraging this by careful use of the Contract which has now been running for 4 successful weeks.

Must go to cook roasted Mediterranean vegetables in olive oil with feta cheese served with large chicken breasts wrapped in pancetta, served with French bread and wine.

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