Friday, 5 August 2011

Whizzing around Waitrose at a rate of knots!

Time was (in the 'high anorexia' days) when a visit to Waitrose would take AGES. It would take anorexic Ben ages and ages and ages to choose things, picking stuff up and putting it down, getting it as far as the trolley and even as far as the checkout only to back-track and put stuff back on the shelf and start again... And, of course, the first thing he'd look for would be the dreaded fat content and calories. Today, however, we zoomed around.

Because it's been so long since we've been to Waitrose (it's not our local supermarket), the contrast between then and now was quite stark. This time, there was no chopping and changing, no picking stuff up and putting it down, no checking nutritional content, no opting for 'healthy' low calorie stuff and no 'second thoughts' at the checkout...

We just went in, did our shopping like normal people do, paid for it and went.

Job done.

(He even complained that the fish'n'chips ready meal didn't have enough chips in it.)

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