Thursday 12 April 2012

All will be revealed on Tuesday morning...

Batty and Ben have been invited to appear on ITV's Good Morning show with Lorraine Kelly on Tuesday morning - an interview set up to highlight the growing number of teenage boys being diagnosed with anorexia and other eating disorders. We have a 6-8 minute slot so it will be like trying to cram a king size duvet into a mobile phone pouch. And, of course, viewers will see us under our real names.

So why the cloak-and-dagger style pseudonyms so far?

Initially it was to protect Ben. But as time went on it was Ben himself who kept wanting to publicise his fight against anorexia in a bid to help other families of boys with eating disorders.

I've already mentioned the Oxford University project he's been interviewed for which will be appearing on the world wide web in the Autumn - a website focusing on a wide range of health issues that affect young people, anorexia in boys being just one of them. I've seen a 60 page transcript of this interview and it's illuminating reading, I can tell you.

So do I keep our fake names on this blog or do I use our real ones from Tuesday onwards?

I'll probably stick to the names I've used so far to avoid confusing the issue.

And of course not everyone will be watching Good Morning with Lorraine Kelly on Tuesday.

I, for one, won't - because I'll be the one sitting on the sofa opposite her stammering, sweating and making a complete fool of myself!


  1. So he's not Ben after all! Excited to see you both, I'll definitely be watching :) Good luck with it, I'm sure it will go well.

  2. I merged my "identities" some time ago - keeping two was proving difficult. Even though my daughter hasn't found a role for herself in talking about the subject (except, unexpectedly given that his politics are far from hers, to a local MP who was very, very good at getting the best out of her for a photo opportunity) I think that she accepts that I WILL talk about the subject because there is nothing to be ashamed of in it and hopefully something to be gained by speaking out. Good luck on the TV

  3. This is fantastic news! Try not to be nervous - just pretend you're speaking to the person interviewing you, and Ben, and no one else. I'm a broadcast journalist myself, and the best interviews always happen when I and the interviewee both pretend no one else is listening :-) Also, I'm a long time reader (lurker!) outside of the UK - any idea where I can watch the interview online after? Are you able to post a link? Good luck! And luck to Ben too :-)