Tuesday 17 April 2012

Talking about anorexia in boys with Lorraine Kelly...

Batty and 'Ben' appeared on ITV's 'Lorraine' with Lorraine Kelly today (just after GMTV's Daybreak programme (Tuesday 17th April), talking about the frightening rise of anorexia in boys (which the media sometimes call 'manorexia', on the Lorraine programme our slot was entitled 'Tackling Manorexia'). Anyway, we've just got back home after a long, long, long day with Lorraine Kelly and everyone (actually we were only in the ITV studio for a couple of hours, and with Lorraine Kelly for 5 or 6 minutes), and - boy - are we seriously tired!!

Lorraine Kelly really put us at our ease, as did Michael Portillo who was also appearing (just before our Lorraine slot). Dr Hilary Jones was there, too... In fact it was all rather surreal... and poor old Batty and Ben (as I call him here) were just getting started on their story when the all-too-brief interview with Lorraine Kelly ended.

So if anyone is reading this blog as a result of watching us talk about boys and anorexia on the Lorraine Kelly show today with Lorraine Kelly, welcome to my blog and I hope you find it helpful. And once we've recovered from our trip to ITV in London, I'll write more. So please come back when I'm in my normal writing mode and not just writing for search engines, so people who Google 'anorexia in boys Lorraine Kelly show', or whatever, get directed to my blog!

Oh, and if you haven't seen it, you can see Batty Matty and her son talking to Lorraine Kelly about anorexia in boys here. (Fast forward 10 minutes into the Lorraine Kelly show - the first sight of us is cowering with fright in the Green Room, just before we were taken into the Lorraine studio to meet Lorraine Kelly and Dr Hilary Jones, to talk about anorexia in boys. (Yes, I am doing all this wierd stilted writing for the search engines... sorry!!)


  1. Can someone please upload the video to Youtube? The ITV player only works in the UK. Thanks :-)

  2. I will email the producer to see what can be done for our friends outside the UK...

  3. Yes please! I'm not in the UK but would really like to see it :)