Thursday 19 March 2015

"So can I have a big present, then?"

... asked Ben a moment ago. You see I've been transferring my 2013 blog posts into a PDF (more linear for people to read) and I told him how stark the contrast was between the Ben of 2013 and the Ben of today. "I am so proud of you!" I said. "You've come on leaps and bounds in the past 18 months!"

As for a "big present", I said "Who bought you the latest Game of Thrones DVD last week [because we were thrilled with how he's getting 'firsts' in his university work]?"

"Actually dad bought me that."

"Okay, so who took you in the car to Sheffield on Monday and took you out for lunch, then brought you back again today with all your stuff for the Easter vacation?"

"I would have got the train only I needed to bring all my dirty laundry home."

"Okay, so who does all your dirty laundry, then, when other students use the university launderette?"

And so on...

"I tell you what... I'll give you a big present when you've put on a further 5 kilos. How does that sound? You're already fantastic looking, but you'll look amazing with a few more kilos on you. The girls will go crazy! And it would make me happy,, too."

Stroke ego, stroke ego. And I know he's pretty keen to get a girlfriend.

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