Wednesday 25 March 2015

The easy way to read my blog from 2011, etc

I began this blog in January 2011, almost a year on from when my teenage son began treatment for anorexia. Important and useful archive posts like these can so often be missed on eating disorder blogs (all that clicking to and fro!) which is why I've created a linear PDF of every post from 2011 which you can read by clicking here... Other parents have told me that my earlier posts were a tremendous help for them. One even described them as a 'lifesaver'. This isn't me being big-headed or boastful, it is simply me trying to ensure that any other parent facing this horrible illness has access to as much helpful information as they possibly can - because, as we know only too well in our family, learning about eating disorders and their effective treatment is a MASSIVE LEARNING CURVE that you can ill afford when you are battling to save your son or daughter from descending into the hell of anorexia. So please do check out this PDF and the subsequent years which you can find on this web page.

Both 2011 and 2012 blogs can also be purchased in print form on Amazon and for Kindle (search under Bev Mattocks). However, because I am so keen for parents to have quick and easy access to our story, I'm giving away the PDFs free.

Also, if you have a Kindle and find it easier to read on that, send me an email with your Kindle email address and I will email you a special Kindle version (free). You can email me at

To find your unique Kindle email address, go onto your Amazon Account, click on Kindle Help Home, then Manage Your Content and Devices, then the 'Your Devices' tab and it should display your email address which will be

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