Wednesday 20 December 2017

Hopefully things will move in the right direction

Yesterday Ben self-referred himself to our local NHS mental health team - I'd told him that he needs to get properly and accurately diagnosed so that he can seek the right help, whether that's medication or therapy. Although, as I said before, there are still sticking points with Ben's reluctance to give up calorie counting and insistence on going for diet meals on the (rare) occasions we don't cook at home. But I do believe that he isn't going backwards as far as the eating disorder goes. I believe that the other mental health issues (Aspergers? PTSD? Bi-Polar?) are separate problems. Having said that, I am keeping my eye firmly on the ball.

These days Ben's weight is pretty OK and for the past four or five years he's been eating a very healthy balanced diet. It's just this calorie-counting sticking point and the fear of throwing caution to the wind as regards eating.

We had a chat about it all yesterday when he was in a better mood. I wanted to kick the wall when he began to quote his CAMHS psychiatrist, though. "She said this... she said that..." (about Weight Restoration) so, to him, her words are gospel...


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