Monday 11 December 2017

The podcast that every GP needs to listen to. Full. Stop.

Dr Erin Parks of the UC San Diego Eating Disorder Center (recognised as a global centre of excellent in eating disorder treatment and research) has produced a podcast that every GP needs to listen to - or indeed anyone who wants to know the truth about eating disorders, including the estimated percentage of males suffering from eating disorders in the 21st century.

Even if, as a GP, you have a good understanding of eating disorders or your knowledge needs updating, this pod cast will answer all your questions about the different eating disorders that are out there, what kind of personalities tend to develop eating disorders, what the latest scientific research and brain imaging are saying about the causes and presentation of eating disorders, and those treatment models that can result in a better outcome for the patient.

Basically Dr Parks walks you through the latest research and thinking on the neuro-biological, emotional and psychological reasons for eating disorders.

She also talks about how it can be difficult for males to get diagnosed with eating disorders, why males are thought to make up as much as 40-per-cent of eating disorders patients and why males can be misdiagnosed and slip through the net.

As the GP is often the first port of call for parents concerned that their son or daughter might be developing an eating disorder and, because faster referrals and treatment can lead to better outcomes, it's vital that GPs are aware of just about everything that is discussed in this excellent podcast.

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