Saturday 5 January 2013

And here is the description that will appear on Amazon

My final proof is "almost" ready, just a couple of minor tweaks. In the meantime, here's the description that will appear on Amazon:

Traditionally, eating disorders have been associated with teenage girls and young women. But increasing numbers of teenage boys and young men are exhibiting the classic signs of anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders.

In "Anorexia Boy Recovery Part I – 2011" (based on the 2011 posts of her popular online blog) Bev Mattocks describes how, in 2009, her family gradually realised that their 15 year old rugby-playing son, Ben, was developing anorexia. It talks about the family’s struggle to get their son’s illness diagnosed and their long and distressing wait for treatment culminating in a shocking turn of events which led to a much earlier assessment. The book describes how, with the help of his parents and UK-based treatment team, Ben eventually began to recover, but not before facing further uphill struggles and battles.

In January 2011 Bev Mattocks made the decision to write a blog based on their experiences in order to help other parents of young men and women with eating disorders. The blog - read by followers all over the globe - looks back on the development of Ben’s eating disorder and examines the signs and symptoms. It goes on to chronicle how Ben finally responded to treatment and describes the various ups and downs along the way. Part I is a collection of posts from the 2011 blog which can be found at Part II – from 2012 – will be published in 2013.

From the Back Cover

"Even if Ben and I help just one family fast-track its way through the huge anorexia learning curve and get help, then we have done our job. And every time a parent contacts me to say how much my blog has helped them, I know it is serving its purpose."

On 5th January 2011, Bev Mattocks sat down and began to write a blog about her battle to help her teenage son, Ben, recover from anorexia. Since then her blog has become one of the most “followed” of all blogs about eating disorders from a parent’s perspective. Anorexia Boy Recovery Part I is a collection of posts from 2011. It looks back on the history of Ben’s anorexia and describes how Bev helped to get her son on the road to recovery.

"I didn’t know that boys got anorexia so I didn’t recognise the warning signs or know what to do. Hopefully this book will enable other families to take swift action and seek early intervention for their sons (and daughters)."

About the Author

Bev Mattocks lives in the north of England with her husband and son and works as a freelance advertising copywriter. She is a member of FEAST UK (Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders) and a mentor on their forum: Around the Dinner Table (for parents of young people with eating disorders). This book is based on her popular blog about her struggle to help her teenage son, Ben, recover from anorexia. She writes the blog under the name Batty Matty.

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