Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Another Good Day, with Good Things happening

Ben is embracing our 2013 Plan enthusiastically. We've been counting fats - and they seem to be on target, so that's brilliant. We are still in agreement as regards the updated Contract and I have introduced new weight / BMI tramlines which he must keep inside - slightly higher than last year, and they may rise still further, but - hey - let's do this in small bite-sized stages. This way it's easier to get him used to change.

We've agreed to weigh him on Saturday. As you know, he lost 2kg over Christmas and has increased his calories in a bid to put it back on. I have said that his weight needs to move upwards slightly so it's within the new tramlines. "Imagine if you got the Norovirus (winter vomiting bug)," I said to him. The last thing he wants is to find himself facing the old ED behaviours again and I believe he will cooperate fully with me to ensure his weight stays in the right place.

I told him that the calorie total he'd been working with before Christmas was too low for him - proven by the weight loss. He seemed to accept this.

And all this without any stress. Indeed his mood has been positively upbeat over the last day or so making a fabulous change from before Christmas. Maybe it's because the anxiety of Christmas is over - Christmas is notorious for making people with eating disorders feel over-anxious.

Ben has been singing. He's also been posting positive messages on Facebook about feeling happy.

So, thus far, our 2013 Plan is working.

Fingers crossed for the rest of the month!

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