Sunday, 20 January 2013

Got it out of my system

If  you hadn't gathered, Batty was having an Angry Day yesterday. Angry at the eating disorder for stealing my son's life. Angry at the snail-like pace of recovery, even though I know there is no other option; anorexia can never be like a bacterial illness where you pop an antibiotic and, hey presto, a short while later you're on the road to recovery.

I was angry at discovering that Ben was the same weight at the end of his treatment as he was at the start, even though I am also aware that, during this two-year period, he did go through many positive changes. The Ben who left CAMHS in March 2012 was most definitely not the same Ben that arrived there in February 2010.

Thank goodness.

Yesterday I was just angry. And that's the thing about blogs; they're 'of the moment'. Sometimes I'm angry, sometimes I'm reflective, sometimes I'm pretty sensible... but other times I may over-generalise as anger or frustration at this illness blinkers my eyes.

Everyone gets angry, I imagine. Everyone makes sweeping statements at some point, I imagine. Everyone fails to see the other side of the coin now and again, I imagine.

And yesterday I was angry.

Which is why I went for a lengthy stroll in the snow-covered local park afterwards to get it out of my system.

Thank you, though, to my blog readers and followers who point out that there is always another point of view. Usually a very valid point of view.

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